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Apartment/Small Moves

All of our trucks and men are fully insured for liability and worker's compensation. In case of a major catastrophe, we are covered by a $5 million umbrella. You have absolutely no personal exposure if an accident or catastrophic event were to occur during your move.

Gouffon's 3 Rules for Booking ANY Move:

  1. Demand a FIRM price in writing (no hourly rates, no surprises).

    Don't be tricked by lowball estimates with an hourly rate billing. Many movers purposely grossly underestimate your total cost by 30-40% to book your move. If they give you no FIRM price, they can bill you anything they'd like upon completion of the move. Gouffon Moving and Storage gave you a FIRM price quotation. Be wary of any mover who won't do the same.
  2. Get the included insurance coverage in writing.

    Many movers only include $.60 per lb. coverage on moved items in their quotations. They tend to state their high umbrella coverage but skip over the coverage that is most important. What if any of your items are damaged during the move? Gouffon Moving includes industry-leading $7.00 per lb. coverage for any damaged items in your FIRM move price. We openly discuss and state our insurance policies and coverage in writing. Be wary of any mover who won't do the same.
  3. Ask if the move can be cancelled by the mover.

    Many movers will cancel or no-show a move when they have a broken-down vehicle or use such an excuse. In more than a few of those instances, they have found a larger or more profitable move to replace your move. All Gouffon Moving and Storage moves include an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, $500 Performance Guaranty. If for any reason we fail to arrive for your move on the scheduled day and are notified by you within an hour of our scheduled arrival time, we guarantee your move will be completed that same day. You will never hear of Gouffon Moving no-showing or canceling a move. Ever !! Be wary of any mover who won't state their cancellation policies in writing.

Thanks for allowing us to provide you a FIRM price on your upcoming relocation. All of us here at Gouffon Moving and Storage would consider it an honor to assist you with your move. We know you would be pleased and understand why we have been serving the Knoxville area for five generations and 129 years.

  • We have a meet or best-price guarantee on legitimate quotations from other movers (comparable line items).
  • We give an instant, over-the-phone, in-writing firm price.
  • Insurance - up to $7.00 per lb. for moved-items damage.
  • You have absolutely no personal exposure if an accident or catastrophic event were to occur during your move.
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