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How to Select Your Moving Company

Be an informed consumer and ask all the questions
To ensure a successful relocation, ask hard, forward, questions throughout the decision-making process. The following represents a priority checklist for comparison of services.

Price - In the moving industry, price does not always speak for itself. Ask the following:

  1. Is the price absolutely firm with no possible add-ons? What if the estimated weight is lower than the actual weight?
  2. What are the potential add-ons? Is insurance included? Fuel Surcharge? Packing Materials?
  3. Can the actual price be higher than the quotation if the weight is higher than estimated? Can the driver refuse to unload?
  4. Will I receive this guarantee in writing from an authorized representative?

Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. gives only firm, guaranteed, bottom-line prices. Remember that you may be dealing with a commissioned salesman who will receive no money unless he secures your move. Pin down the details on pricing!!


Dependability - Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. guarantees pick up and delivery based on the customer's schedule request. We never ask to reschedule a move. Should the customer's schedule change, Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. will make every effort to accommodate the new request. Ask the following:

  1. Is a pickup and delivery guarantee in place? On who's authority? In writing?
  2. What is the financial consideration to the customer if the schedule is not met?
  3. Can I view your facility and meet your staff? What is the facility address?

Once an agreement with the customer is in place and the dates are scheduled, we offer our Gouffon Moving & Storage Co.  industry exclusive "Performance Guarantee" of $500 if we fail to meet our prearrange obligations to our customer.


ServiceGouffon Moving & Storage Co. has a track record of unmatched service since 1887. As Knoxville's oldest, continuously owned and operated family business, we provide a reference list representing a who's who" in the professional community. You won't have to look far to find many great references of our service level. Our track record with the largest real estate companies, medical offices, and law firms, etc., provides the opportunity to research hundreds of residential and commercial customers we have serviced for 125 years. Please spend the time to check us out.

  1. Will this move be done by the local agent or coordinate with an affiliate?
  2. Is the driver an independent owner/operator? Will he use "pickup" helpers he finds on the street?
  3. Will the same crew pickup and deliver? Can you provide background and drug screens on the personnel in my residence?
  4. How is damage handled? Do I get an "(800)" number, or do I talk to a full time local representative?
  5. Can you provide a customer service contact name and phone number?

Lifetime possessions will be in the hands of the company you choose. Purchasing work ethic, character and reputation, is not as easy as shopping in the mall! Gouffon Moving & Storage Co. provides quality service before, during, and after the move.

Price, Dependability and Service - Does anything else matter?



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